Lochranza Campsite: Terms, Conditions and Useful Information

We hope that you have a very happy holiday at Lochranza Campsite which you remember for all the right reasons. Please tell us if you have a problem and we will do our best to deal with it straightaway.

We politely ask all our guests to cooperate with the following points:

• Please respect the peacefulness of Lochranza. We ask that you do not play recorded music and that you keep conversation hushed between 11pm and 8am
• Please be aware that the washrooms are closed for cleaning 12- 1 pm daily
• Please arrive after 2 pm and vacate your pitch by 12 noon
• Please leave your vehicle in the car park outside if you return late at night. If you have to leave early in the morning, please be considerate to other campers when starting your engine and closing vehicle doors
• Please use stones underneath your barbecues so that you don’t burn the grass and return the stones to where they came from after use
• To preserve the peace and quiet for other campers no ball games on site
• Please help us to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE rubbish. Glass, tin, plastic and paper can all go in the blue bin
• Do watch out for the rubbish bag raiders. The main culprits are seagulls and badgers. When they see a plastic carrier bag outside a tent, they see their next meal!
• Please help us to conserve energy by turning lights off when they are not needed
• You are welcome to paddle in the burn- just look for the stile into the picnic area. For your safety, don’t go near the burn when it’s running high after heavy rain
• Please respect the wildlife- please don’t feed them (it’s bad for them) and don’t go too close (it could be bad for you)
• Please respect the countryside - leave no trace behind you
• We welcome friendly, well-behaved dogs. Please keep your pet on a lead and exercise him or her off site. Dog mess in bags can be placed in the general waste bin. You’ll also find a dog bin near the campsite entrance. Please don’t bring your dogs into any of the campsite buildings. Most importantly, please don’t let your dog get into bad trouble by being out of control. Every year there are incidents in Lochranza involving wild creatures getting killed by pet dogs
• Do enjoy putting, we now have a new putting area. Please return putters and balls promptly. You might want to look out also for our special family golf deals for campers
• Please use the path when crossing the golf course. It runs alongside the campsite fence. Follow the white posts with purple arrows, look out for golfers and try to make sure that they see you too. The golfers have right of way

• Please be aware that we do not give refunds in the event of cancellation. We cannot be held resposible for cancellations or damage due to adverse weather conditions. We recomend that you have holiday insurance to protect yourself if you have to cancel your holiday.

Thank you for your cooperation and don’t forget- just ask us if you’re unsure about anything