Lochranza Campsite Fees Per Night

TEL 01770 830 273

The site is now closed but will open on the 11th December through to 15th January 2023, bookings can be made on line.

2023 bookings

We will be taking bookings for 2023 from the 1st February, when you will be able to book on line.


Arrivals after 2.00 pm and before 8.00 pm please.


There is little space to wait and we can not let you in before 2.00.


 Prices include all hot water and use of campers’ room facilities.


Prices Per night :-)



Back pack tent (1.5x2.5m) and 1 adult                                                           £10
Back pack tent (1.5x2.5m) and 2 adults                                                         £20 
Medium tent (3x5m, sleeps up to 3) and 1 adult                                         £12
Medium tent (3x5m, sleeps up to 3) and 2 adults                                       £22
Large tent (5x7m, sleeps 4-5) inc. 2 adults                                                   £26
For huge tents, (over 5x7m, sleep 6 or more) inc. 2 adults                       £36

Car (with a tent)                                                                                                  £2

Electric hook up for a tents                                                                               £5


Small campervans, VW camper, Bongo, Roma etc.

Up to 5.0 meters in length - (Minimum stay of 2 nights at busy times)   
 - 2 adults and electric hook up                                                                        £29
 - 2 adults without hook up                                                                               £24
 - 1 adult and electric hook up                                                                          £23
 - 1 adult without hook up                                                                                 £18


Motorhome, caravans and trailer tents up to 6.0 meters in length

(Minimum stay of 2 nights at busy times)
 - 2 adults and electric hook up                                                                         £31
 - 2 adults without hook up                                                                                £26
 - 1 adult and electric hook up                                                                           £25
 - 1 adult without hook up                                                                                  £20

 Plus £2 per meter i.e. +£2 6-7 meters, +£4 7-8 meters etc.


Motorhome, campers, caravans and trailer tents over 6.0 (up to 7.0) meters in length

(Minimum stay of 2 nights at busy times)
 - 2 adults and electric hook up                                                                         £33
 - 2 adults without hook up                                                                                £28
 - 1 adult and electric hook up                                                                           £27
 - 1 adult without hook up                                                                                  £22


 - Additional adult                                                                                                £10
 - Accompanied child 6-16 yrs                                                                           £5
 - Child 5 yrs and under                                                                               FREE
 - Dogs                                                                                                                    £1
 - Additional car                                                                                                   £2
 - Awnings / pup tent / toilet tent / gazebo etc (up to size of vehicle)      £5
 - Large awnings or tunnel tents as awnings (larger than vehicle)           £10
 - Wi-Fi per night                                                                                          FREE


Smaller Camping Pod Fees (per night)

Alder and Hazel- Two adults                                                                £35
(Minimum stay of 2 nights over busy periods)

Car                                                                                                                     £2


Larger Camping Pod Fees (per night)

Birch and Rowan- Up to three adults                                                 £45
(Minimum stay of 2 nights over busy periods)

Our new Pod Aspen (similar to Birch)                                               £45

Car                                                                                                                     £2

sorry - dogs are not allowed in the pods

For pod availability click here

Please read our terms and conditions

To make a firm booking please use our online booking or telephone:
01770 830 273.
A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required.
Full payment is required for the pods at the time of booking.
Prior booking essential for groups and/or huge
tents (sleeps over 6).
Check availability / Book Online


Please be aware that we do not give refunds in the event of cancellation. We cannot be held responsible for cancellations or damage due to adverse weather conditions. We recommend that you have holiday insurance to protect yourself if you have to cancel your holiday.