Visitor Information for Lochranza Campsite


Arrivals, Cleaning Times, Departures

Please arrive after 2 pm and before 8 pm, leave before 12 noon on the day of departure.

The washrooms are closed for cleaning 12 - 1 pm daily. Reception, Basecamp and the laundry are closed for cleaning 11.30 am – 12 noon daily

Please leave your vehicle in the car park if you arrive back at the campsite after 11pm

We prefer not to have any departures before 7 am but if you absolutely must, please think of others. Vehicle doors closing can be very noisy



This information room is open 8 am - 8 pm

Sockets are available for charging mobile phones at no extra charge. You are responsible for your personal items

A fridge with a small freezer is available in Basecamp for freezing ice packs for your cool bag.


The nearest cash machine is in Brodick (RBS, Co-op)

Disabled  Facilities

We have an accessible specially designed shower and toilet room for visitors with restricted mobility. Please ask us for a key if you would like to use it


Arran is a dog-friendly island but please be considerate of others

Please keep your pet on a lead on the campsite and exercise him or her off site

Dog mess in bags can be placed in the general waste bin. You’ll also find a dog bin near the campsite entrance



Drying Cupboard

Wet boots and jackets can be placed in the drying cupboard. Access is through Basecamp

Fences and Gates

Please do not climb fences or gates- they are expensive to repair. Always close gates behind you; there are free-roaming hill sheep with big appetites in this area


Open fires are not allowed on the campsite. You are welcome to use barbecues but please stand them on bricks or stones so that they don’t burn the grass

Why not head to the sea shore if you want to enjoy an open fire? It’s only a 5 minute walk along the golf course path

Golf - Pitch and Putt

You’ll never get a better opportunity to enjoy golf at an affordable price than here. Everyone is welcome to play.

Children under 12 must be supervised

Green camping

Please help us to reduce our carbon footprint:

Reduce, reuse, recycle   All waste has to be shipped daily off Arran so please aim to only throw things away if there is no other option

If you have leftover non-perishable food or small items of camping gear that you don’t want at the end of your holiday, label them clearly and leave them in the trug in Basecamp. They might be useful to someone else

Remember that many emergency aid charities would be glad of the tent you no longer want

Support local business  Take a look at the Arran Food and Drink Trail

Travel on the bus instead of your own vehicle. Find information about what there is to do in Lochranza without needing a car in Basecamp

Turn off the lights if you are last one out of the washrooms or Basecamp. We have motion-sensor lights but you will be helping to save energy by switching off

Leave your pitch as clean as you would hope to find it


The laundry is open 8 am- 8 pm

In addition to the facilities in the laundry there are two rotary dryers available for drying clothes on the campsite.

Please do not hang clothes, towels or sleeping bags on the fence that borders the golf course

Quiet Site, Dark Night Sky Site

Lochranza is a peaceful place, free from background traffic roar.

 Please don’t play music that anyone in the next pitch can hear and keep conversation hushed between 10 pm and 7 am

You can enjoy starry night skies in Lochranza but remember to bring a torch with you as the campsite is unlit





Come prepared for rain with wellies and outdoor gear and you’ll have a great time whatever the weather. Wet days make waterfall walks extra special

Do not cross the fence to the campsite burn in times of heavy rain for your safety

There is an outdoor cooking shelter next to the laundry


The nearest shop for groceries is at Pirnmill 7 miles west. You can buy fresh milk at the Arran Distillery. The Arran Butcher’s van calls at the campsite on Thursday mornings


Your tent will survive bad weather if you align it with back to the wind and peg it out so that it is taut. Buy robust pegs and place them in the ground at a 45 degree angle. In a gale it is best to stay with your tent and manage the situation. If it’s very wet don’t camp in a hollow and keep your belongings in stuff sacs raised off the groundsheet. Small tents generally survive storms better than large tents which turn into giant sails in high winds

Please do not leave rubbish bags outside your tent: the seagulls and hooded crows will attack and eat them

Visitor Payback

Arran Trust manages conservation projects on the island. Just £1 donation from every Arran visitor can go a long way. The collecting tin is in Reception


Please use the mown path to walk on the golf course. It begins at the little gate in the car park and runs alongside the campsite fence to Newton Road and the head of the loch. Just follow the white posts with purple arrows.  Find walks information in Basecamp

Wi-fi, TV and Mobile Signals

TV reception requires a satellite dish. Wifi is free but please do not slow down the system by downloading large items. Mobile signals can usually be found around the campsite through a process of trial and error


Respect wildlife by watching quietly from a distance. Never offer food to wild animals.

The road in Lochranza is regularly crossed by deer, sheep, red squirrels, badgers and otters- not to mention kids, dogs, cyclists and the elderly. Please drive with great care







We hope that you have a very happy holiday at Lochranza Campsite which you remember for all the right reasons. Please tell us if you have a problem and we will do our best to deal with it straightaway

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