A Green Holiday


It’s now five years since Lochranza Campsite received a Green Tourism Gold Award. This recognition motivated us to work even harder to minimise our environmental impacts, including measures such as replacing all the campsite lighting with LEDs. In the last five years concern about the changing climate has intensified and we are all affected by it.

We know that most of you who come for a holiday at Lochranza Campsite care about Arran and wish to protect its beauty and its precious biodiversity.

What we can do:

  • Be mindful of usage of water and electricity
  • Consider parking up and using the buses
  • Place unwrapped waste food in the green cone biodigesters
  • Place recycling in the blue bin and aim to reduce purchasing over-packaged products
  • Minimise general waste in the grey bin by avoiding buying packaged food if possible (it has to be shipped off the island)
  • Leave in-date food in Basecamp (orange box) for others to benefit
  • Take home for disposal large unwanted items you don’t want e.g. tents. If the item is in good condition, please donate to the Arcas charity shop at Brodick Pier
  • Buy local if possible


We actively support the use of electric vehicles and are currently in the process of installing electric vehicle charge points on the campsite.

Please do not use the electric hook-ups as this will damage our electricity infrastructure.


Green organisations on Arran: 







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