In January this year Sir David Attenborough warned the world that we are at the 'crisis moment' in the  Earth's climate emergency.




Here are some ideas of how we can protect the planet whilst on holiday at Lochranza Campsite:

  • We can choose to use the buses to tour the island- or cycle
  • We can buy unpackaged food
  • We can buy local, seasonal produce
  • We can look out for shops and cafes on the island that will refill water flasks for free
  • We can put food waste in one of the three green cone food digesters on the campsite
  • We can empty rubbish containers directly into the general waste bin- there is no need for it to be bagged
  • We can ensure we don't waste water
  • We can turn off lights and other appliances when not needed
  • We can choose to get by without an electric hook-up
  • We can shorten  our daily showers
  • We can purchase environmentally-friendly soap
  • We can dry washing on the campsite washing lines
  • We can watch wildlife at a distance so that the creatures don't know we are even there
  • We can do our own beach litter pick-ups (whilst wearing protective gloves)
  • We can call in at COAST (Lamlash seafront, south end) and ECOSAVVY (Whiting Bay 10.30am-4.30pm Thurs, Fri, Sat) for further ECO-inspiration


Please tell us about your planet-protecting ideas and actions .


Thank you, on behalf of Lochranza Campsite, Arran and Planet Earth.




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